With all the money we invest in our cars; the purchase price, the registration and title, insurance,  interest, and maintenance, it makes sense to want to keep your investment in tip top shape. Did you know that maintaining the cleanliness of your car is not just about keeping it looking nice, it is important to keep it clean for your health?


Maintaining a clean space inside the vehicle keeps bacteria from spreading. Clean the interior of the car at least once a week or bi-weekly at least. Wash your dashboard, steering wheel, door handles and the seats will not only help keep you healthy, it will smell nice too. 


It is also just as important to clean the exterior of the vehicle, to protect and maintain the paint on the car. The acid from rain, the sun, the particles from the road, the pollution, bird poo, and even tree sap can not only take away the vibrant color of paint,  it will quickly erode the body of the vehicle. 


Another reason to wash your car regularly is fuel efficiency. With gas prices as high as they are, save yourself some money,by investing in a car wash once a week or at least bi-weekly so that your vehicle can go an extra two miles per gallon. This may not seem like a huge savings, but add that up each month and it makes a big difference. Car washing is important for the life of the vehicle, keeps you healthy, and saves you money!


We Have the Cleaning Equipment Needed 


Firehouse Xpress Carwash provides state of the art cleaning technology that will thoroughly clean your car. Car washing services are more than soap and water. The right cleaning products are designed to wash away the unwanted residue left on your vehicle from driving day to day. To protect your vehicle from everyday use, it is important to use cleaning products that are not harmful to the car and to clean the car as naturally possible and to reach the angles and dimensions of the car cleaned. We have the equipment that will reach those areas and the right cleaning products to wash it properly. The Firehouse Xpress Car Wash in Fort Collins will take care of your car wash service needs at an affordable price. 


We are committed to protecting our natural resources by recycling 80% of water, so you know that your car wash services will replenish our city of Fort Collins’ natural resources and help with cleaner air, fuel efficiency, and better health.  

Services Options


We offer several options to fit your budget and your car washing service needs. Whether it be once a week or more, car wash services twice a month, or even once a month, Firehouse Xpress Car Wash gives you options to choose from. You have a choice of many  car wash services, which is the most affordable, and you get the friendliest car wash service staff in Fort Collins to assist you with maintaining your car wash service needs. While our one-time rates start as low as $5, purchasing a monthly package will save more money. All car wash services include free vacuums to use after we clean the exterior. Bring your vehicle, choose your package, and enroll in our monthly car wash service packages for ease and convenience. We will take care of the rest!