Have you ever been embarrassed to have someone drive with you in your car, like say your work colleagues who invite you out to lunch. In our last blog post, FireHouse Xpress Car Wash offered up tips on how to keep the interior of your car clean. We’ll continue this blog series with more tips on how to make sure your car interior is nice and inviting to sit in. We’re an automatic car wash in Fort Collins that offers a variety of car wash services, as well as free car vacuuming. Visit us today!


  • Heavy-duty floor liners. When you purchase a new car, you often only get cloth floor liners up front and nothing in the back. While these are better than nothing, you can bet that they will take a sound beating from you, your kids, and your animals that use your car almost every day of the week. By investing in heavy-duty floor liners, your clean up will be a snap, and when Johnny inevitably spills coke everywhere, your car floors will be saved from stains.
  • Regular vacuuming. FireHouse Xpress Car Wash in Fort Collins offers free car vacuums. Utilizing this service while you’re getting a car wash will make your car almost new. Our heavy-duty, high-powered vacuums will suck out Cheerios, Cheez-its, Oreo cookies, and M & M’s from every conceivable crevice quickly and efficiently. Make sure you remember to vacuum those out-of-the-way, often not thought of places, such as your car dashboard, console, door panels, and your trunk or pickup bed.
  • Create a kid basket. In our last blog post on keeping the interior of your car cleaned, we suggested making an essentials kit where you could store all of your emergency items, such as safety pins to pin your swimsuit at the pool when it malfunctions. Why not do the same for your kids? Kids have needs beyond adults, such as constant, readily-available snacks, wipes, diapers, toys, blankets, and imaginary friends that need a well-organized home in which to live while driving in your car. If the kids are older, you can keep this kid basket in the back seat for them to reach. However, if they are younger, find a place that is within reach of the driver’s seat for your use.

FireHouse Xpress Car Wash is the go-to automatic car wash in Fort Collins for your car wash needs and your vacuuming needs. When you partake of our excellent car wash services, you’ll keep your car running smoothing, looking like new, and a pleasure to ride in. No one likes to get in a friend’s car and immediately have to move straw wrappers and Starbucks cups around. Americans spend a lot of time in our cars, and keeping your car clean can reduce stress and anxiety as you try to search for a much-needed item but can’t find it. FireHouse Xpress in Fort Collins offer a variety of car wash packages for your needs. Visit us today!