Most people see their cars as an extension of themselves. In fact, you can often tell what kind of person (and what state their home is in) by the interior of their car. If there are food wrappers, towels, papers, iPads, makeup, coffee cups, and disposable diapers in your car, odds are you tend to live out of it. If your car is neat, immaculate, and you clean it out every night, odds are you’re clean at home.

FireHouse Xpress Car Wash in Fort Collins recognizes that people need help taking care of their cars. Similar to hiring someone to clean your home, you need a car cleaning service to help you wash and vacuum your car. We offer top-notch car washes and free car vacuums to customers in order to fill that need. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how to keep the interior of your car clean. Visit us today!


  • Create a car essentials box. Have you ever been somewhere out and about and just needed a pair of scissors to cut off the tag to your child’s new toy? How about leaving for work and realizing you forgot to put on deodorant? FireHouse Xpress Car Wash in Fort Collins suggests creating a box that will go in the back of your trunk out of sight to put all of these seldom used, but used enough items, in one place. Consider storing bug spray, sunscreen, wet wipes, grocery bags, straws, plastic forks and spoons, flashlight, first aid kit, feminine products, extra clothes, scissors, utility knife, and makeup in this box.
  • Keep napkins within reach. We all eat in our cars at some point — some of us do so more than others. When you eat in the car, you usually need a Kleenex. You need Kleenexes easily accessible; otherwise, they are useless when they are across the car or in the back seat. Stuff napkins in the driver’s side door or in the glovebox.
  • Keep Kleenexes within reach, especially during the winter. We all use Kleenexes on a daily basis. You’ll want to keep Kleenexes within reach to use for yourself or for your kids when the cold and flu season hit.
  • Regularly wipe down surfaces. Like you regularly clean your home, you’ll have to regularly clean the interior of your car. FireHouse Xpress Car Wash recommends you invest in wipes specifically made for wiping down car interiors. You can go the ol’ fashion route by using a rag, a bowl of soapy water, and paper towel, but just the act of getting ready to wipe down your car may be enough so you won’t do it. Wipes for cars are easy. Pull one out. Wipe. Toss. Done.

These are just some of the ways FireHouse Xpress Car Wash in Fort Collins uses to keep the interior of your car clean. When you need the exterior of your car cleaned, swing by our two convenient locations in Fort Collins. We offer a variety of car washes to suit your needs. Stop by today!