When you go to the store and everywhere you see back to school supplies, you know the freedom you have enjoyed as a student is about to end. From the lazy days at the pool to the fun times with friends paddleboarding at the lake, you’ve had a great summer. Before you go back to school, you need to get organized and prepared so you can get a great academic start.

FireHouse Xpress Car Wash is the best drive through car wash with two locations in Fort Collins to serve you. We offer free car vacuuming, as well as affordable automatic car washes for your convenience. Below, we’ll dive into the must-do cleaning you should do before school begins. Visit us today!


  • Your room. Part of being a student is learning organizational skills. You’ve probably learned by now that the better organized you are, the more successful you’ll be. A lot of school is just remembering when your tests are and where you put your homework from the night before. If your bedroom is a disaster, odds are you won’t have any idea where your homework is from the night before, which is not the ideal way to start your new school year. Throw out the trash. Take out the recycling. Create a space on your bookshelves. Being successful begins with great organizational skills.
  • Your yard. Even though it’s not fall yet, so the leaves have not yet begun to fall, there’s still yard work to be done. Mow the yard right before school starts, so you won’t have to worry about it your first weekend after school starts. Clean up any sticks. Weed the flower beds. Maybe even put away your patio furniture if it’s going to be unused for the winter. FireHouse Xpress Car Wash, a car washing service in Fort Collins, advises you to prepare now, so you’ll have less work to do when homework really hits.

  • Your pets. If you have a dog, odds are he or she got really dirty over the summer, playing outside a lot. Give your dog a bath that is not only to get your dog clean, but also to make your dog feel great. Clean up your cat’s litter box till it shines, eliminating that periodic chore. Clean your fish bowl, or your lizard’s terrarium. You don’t want to wait till the last minute for these chores.
  • Clean your car. Whether you can drive or not is irrelevant; you still need to clean out the car that you’ll be using for your commute to school, activities, and then back home. You’ll need to vacuum it, too. One of the best ways to both vacuum your car and clean it is to visit one of FireHouse Xpress Car Wash’s two Fort Collins locations. As the best drive through car wash, you can take advantage of our automatic car wash and then swing into our free car vacuuming service. Here, we offer ample trash cans to throw all the summer trash away, as well as high-powered vacuums to remove even the toughest of crumbs. Visit us today!
  • Your closets. Closets are often easy to overlook because they do tend to be places where we just shove items in and then just leave them, sometimes for months at a time. Before school starts, it’s a good idea to take some time and go through your closets. FireHouse Xpress Car Wash also notes that this is a good time to go through your clothes as well. Many children need back to school clothes and could use some of your old clothing if you decide to donate any. Go through your old jackets, and see if you need any new ones. Check your winter gear, including snow pants and boots. Organize your gloves and hats, so you’ll be prepared for the wind and snow.


Besides having two locations in Fort Collins to serve you with car washing services and car wash packages, FireHouse XPress Car Wash loves helping out the community. Every month we donate to local nonprofits and have a form on our website where you can request to receive a donation. We love helping people with their free car vacuuming and car wash needs, but we couldn’t offer the best services without you. Visit us today!