1. Must-Do Cleaning Before You Go Back to School

    When you go to the store and everywhere you see back to school supplies, you know the freedom you have enjoyed as a student is about to end. From the lazy days at the pool to the fun times with friends paddleboarding at the lake, you’ve had a great summer. Before you go back to school, you need to…Read More

  2. How to Keep the Interior of Your Car Clean Part 2

    Have you ever been embarrassed to have someone drive with you in your car, like say your work colleagues who invite you out to lunch. In our last blog post, FireHouse Xpress Car Wash offered up tips on how to keep the interior of your car clean. We’ll continue this blog series with more tips on ho…Read More

  3. How to Keep the Interior of Your Car Clean Part 1

    Most people see their cars as an extension of themselves. In fact, you can often tell what kind of person (and what state their home is in) by the interior of their car. If there are food wrappers, towels, papers, iPads, makeup, coffee cups, and disposable diapers in your car, odds are you tend to l…Read More

  4. Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean with Kids

    Kids eat a lot — and frequently. Kids stomachs are small, so it doesn’t take a lot of food to fill their tummies, but because they can’t eat a lot and they are burning energy so quickly, they are frequently hungry a lot more often than adults. This means even on short trips your car becomes th…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Regular Car Washes

    Besides keeping your car looking great, regular car washes have many benefits. Firehouse XPress Car Wash is the best drive through car wash in Fort Collins. We offer monthly car wash packages for your convenience. Below, we’ll list some of the benefits of regular car washes. Visit us today! THE BE…Read More

  6. The Effects Of Ice Melt On Your Car And What To Do About It

    The winter months can be a hardship for anyone. From cranking up the heater to shoveling the driveway, cold and snow adds a few more to-dos to your day. And while snow plows and ice melt may seem like a blessing to your daily commute or trip through the mountains, it’s important to understand how …Read More

  7. Coming Soon!

    Thank you for visiting Firehouse Xpress Car Wash! Check back soon for news and updates.…Read More