About Us

Why Choose Us?

At Firehouse Xpress, our goal is to help you beautify and protect your vehicle with the highest-rated cleaning solutions and washing equipment. From bumper to bumper, your vehicle will always look its best, thanks to our state-of-the-art wash facility. Add free vacuums, and you’ll never pay full price for a mediocre car wash again.

Quick, affordable, and thorough, your soon-to-be favorite automatic car wash

Firehouse Xpress Car Wash makes taking care of your vehicle easy and convenient. Combining almost a decade of industry experience with a focused commitment to exceptional customer service, we are experts in superior cleaning techniques.

FireHouse Xpress Car Wash is designed for people on the go by providing a quality express wash starting at $6 and offering FREE vacuums. We care about the environment by recycling our water and using Eco-Friendly products free of harmful substances.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

We have the ability to capture and recycle 80% of the water used in our tunnel each car wash. On a daily basis, we ensure our equipment is in perfect working order, without leaks.

All of the nozzles in our tunnel are replaced on a routine basis to ensure the flow rate is kept within our predetermined amount. Nozzles do wear out and use more water than needed if left unserviced.